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Welcome to
Spey Labs

A place of becoming :)


Speylabs makes fursuits for performing. 

Hello, I'm a fursuit maker from Scotland who goes by the name Spey in the fandom. I’m interested in exploring the unique intersection of mechanics, material science, digital manufacturing, fashion, cosplay, and (most importantly) self-expression that happens in fursuiting.



Spey 2.38


Spey is the character I use to prototype new suit tech. She is the reason I got into fursuit making in the first place! I needed a suit that was flexible for dancing, was passively cooled to allow for many hours of continuous suiting including the ability to wear full outfits over the suit, dextrous enough and with good eyesight and hearing to be independent from handlers if necessary, and also expressive to enhance performance. In effect, a suit that would feel as natural as possible. The style blends realism and illustration; that means slim five-finger handpaws, form fitting head and body, glossy eyes, and proportional digi or planti legs. 


Spey is currently on the 2.38 version of her fullsuit. All tech developed for her suit that is successful will be implemented in future commissions! You can see her current features and patch notes / planned research below. Once I have a stable income (in the next couple years or so), I'd like to make tutorials as my small contribution back to the fursuit community. :)

× Current Features in the 2.38 system



× 3D printed, breathable, and flexible padding, tailored to body scan

× Density of padding varies according to need

× Airtex mesh padding cover and vest (to keep padding in place)



× Faux fur, fleece, and lycra bodysuit is form fitting and highly flexible

× Fully bonded bodysuit (hand-paws and feet-paws are attached)

× Hand and feetpaws use fleece for non-furred sections, rest of bodysuit uses lycra to allow for moisture wicking and comfort during full-day usage (I've been able to go for more than 12 hours in suit without overheating, including dancing, with breaks for fluid intake)

× Hidden access zippers for both feet and hands

× Hidden back zipper for getting in and out of suit

× Slim, five-finger handpaws with sewn-in hand-paw claws

× Touch-screen compatible thumb and index finger in dominant hand

× 3D printed outdoor pawpads on feet-paws; screw attached and replaceable

× Sewn-in feet-paw claws / hooves

× Removable, breathable slippers for feet

× Lined zippers and raw edges


× 3D printed base

× Fleece cover

× All parts (including mechanisms) are screwed together

× Movable jaw

× Painted mouth roof

× Pushable ‘gums / jowls’ over upper teeth

× Dual position (angry / innocent) eyelids with blinking mechanism

× Removable magnetic printed mesh follow-me eyes with clear plastic domes

× Removable magnetic printed mesh middle-distance eyes clear plastic domes

× ~120 degree vision with vision crossover in the centre (no central blind spot)

× Twin USB fans and ductwork for ventilation inside the head (one intake vent through nose, the other as a mesh vent under the chin)

× Hidden open exhaust vent around face

× Hidden open exhaust vent in eyes

× Light up eyes

× Hand-knotted kanekalon hair

× Stick-out tongue mechanism

× 3D printed springy ears

× Hidden back zipper for getting in and out of head

× Detachable VR headbrace for back of head, used to balance out the weight of the mask

× Strategic, velcro attached face padding

× Pockets for batteries

× Fur 'hood / cowl' (including ears) is mechanically detachable from the mask, for ease of cleaning

× Head is lined with airtex mesh

× Lined zippers and raw edges

×× Patch Notes for Future Versions 2.x

× Test embroidered 'tattoos' on lycra 

× Hidden mesh vents in back of suit 

××× Features Under Research for Version 3.0

× Fully electronic mask

× Voice changer / microphone / speaker

× Ability to smile / scowl 

× Movable ears 

× Silicone Mask

× Artificial muscles

× Double-hinged jaw

× Printed / dye sublimated long fur

× Eye tracking / transparent LED panel eyes

× 3D knitting

× Movable eyebrows


The Lab

The Lab is currently in a temporary state of existence while I move around. M​y dream is to eventually have a permanent studio space dedicated to this, but until then the lab is wherever I can squeeze my equipment! Currently the core tools of the trade are:

× Pfaff Select 1520 Sewing Machine (Borrowed from Mum!)

× Elegoo Neptune 3 Max

× Wacom Cintiq Pro 24

× Prusa i3 MK3S+ 

× Ipad Pro 12in M1

× Asus Zenbook Pro 16x Oled

× Dell Ultrasharp 4k 27in

× Rotary Tool + Kit

× Soldering Iron

× Mayku Formbox Vacuum Former

In addition to this, the suits utilise standard components such as:

× No.8 YKK Vislon Zippers 

× Gütermann Sew-All Thread

× 1" Cotton Bias Tape

Planned Future Purchases:

× Digital Sewing / Embroidery Machine (For embroidering tattoos and applique work)

× Serger / Overlocker Machine (Get those seams crisp, stretchy, and professional)

× Handheld 3D Scanner (Scan clients myself)

× Mirrorless Camera and Tripod (For finished suits and future tutorials)

× Studio Lighting (As above)

× Laser Cutter

× Sand Blaster

× CNC Router




Become a creature!?

I'm more than happy to work with all body-types and creatures! There will be certain stylistic and construction elements that will remain consistent across my work, such as the combination of moisture-wicking sports fabric (currently, lycra), fleece, and faux fur, the head bases and glossy eyes, the slim handpaws, the form fitting bodysuit, and the proportional digitigrade legs with the heel-disguising fur (or plantigrade legs without). Certain parts of the head bases (teeth, horns, etc) can be modified. 

​Please do note that certain mechanical components, such as the eye blinking, are not 100% reliable. I'm just one person from a non-mechanical background, rather than a whole R&D team (I wish), but I've tried to include as many adjustments as possible so we can get it calibrated for you. 




Note that I don't work with duct tape dummies, but rather 3D body scans (as I'm developing a fully digital pipeline for suit making). There's plenty open-source or affordable possibilities for this, and the technology is being improved yearly, so we can work together to set you up if you need some guidance. If you live in or near a city there's a high likelihood a 3D scanning company or makerspace will be able to scan your body accurately for a reasonable fee! Building the suit onto an accurate 3D model of you means that we can make sure the suit proportions are finetuned before we commit to production. 


I love the theatre of unboxing. I love the craft of the box and the procession of unpackaging little extras and putting everything together for the first time. Which is why I want to design the packaging of my suits to increase that excitement and be 'video ready' for your big day. Like unboxing a new laptop, but it's actually a creature. It may take a few tries to get this right, but that's part of the fun.

I will join you over video call (or in person, if possible) for your unboxing (I'm friendly, I promise!). This is so that I can run you through all the different components and adjustments as you unpack, how each thing functions, and help you get the suit set up for wearing. This is a big deal, so I want to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible for you. The suits will arrive 'deconstructed' - i.e. most detachable parts detached; so there will be some fun putting everything together and learning how your new creature works!


PRICE AND AVAILABILITY (what you really want to know):

Current prices: 

× Fullsuit - £8000

× Head - £4000 

This does not include shipping, which is calculated separately. There are certain things - like wings, body spikes, custom orders of NFT fur, large amounts of hand-tied kanekalon, or heavily padded suits - that will add extra cost, but I'm happy to discuss your needs!


Payments are by milestone (3D model, production of parts, final assembly). I don't currently take payment plans, so your best bet is to have the money saved ahead of time. Payments are via (if international) or a simple bank transfer (if domestic (UK)).

There is an approximate 6 month turnaround for fullsuits, and 4 month turnaround for heads. If you wish to have the suit completed faster, I am happy to discuss a priority fee but there are limits to how fast I can order fur / other materials / deal with life events. Suit updates will be around once a week over telegram (though I may from time to time send extra things), and you are free to contact me during the week.


Commissions open when the current set are almost finished, and are chosen on an application basis; I will select clients based on compatibility while balancing out complexity across a set (but this is not a reflection of how wonderful I think your creatures are <3). Work will then begin when admin is sorted out and the current set are finished.


Feel free to leave your email address at the bottom of the page, and I'll make sure you don't miss future commission openings when they go live. Make sure to check your spam; it will come from I will also make announcements on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok! :)

Thanks for submitting!

Site photo credits:

× @floofymoo (Twitter)

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